How Drones are Changing Video Production

Over the last five to six year, drones have become increasingly popular for use in filmmaking. The drone is now a valued piece of equipment for videographers across the world, and with the beautiful images and unique angles and views that they allow you to capture, it is no wonder why. Less than a decade ago, aerial footage was only really attainable by helicopter, meaning you either had to have access to one or incur the substantial costs of renting one and all of the logistics involved in doing so. Now, aerial footage can be done with drones, which is more cost effective to own and maintain for videographers. Not to mention, drone footage can add a unique layer of storytelling to your video that you never imagined. (For a more in-depth and technical look at how drones are changing video production, I recommend reading this article by author Helen Clark on Drones Insight.)

For all of these reasons, we are thrilled to be able to offer this service in video production. Drone footage has made its way into so many of our recent videos, enhancing the story by adding a unique perspective.

Check out this short video reel of recent footage we have captured using a drone:

Our videographers are trained in operating drones professionally. In fact, in order to fly our drones legally (for more than just a hobby), Gary received his Remote Pilot Certification from the FAA, which required becoming knowledgeable on content much the same as one studies to obtain their private pilot license. He has successfully, and legally, flown the Phantom 2 in the US since 2013, and internationally since 2014. Our videographers now use the popular model Inspire 1 globally since 2015.

The most exciting part about how drones are changing video production is just how realistic it becomes for anyone to have a compelling video for their organization or ministry. Because it is cost effective and logistically possible to film in just about any location, your ministry video can make a huge impact on a minimal budget, without sacrificing quality.

Do you have a captivating video for your organization or ministry? Let us help you get started today