4 Ways Facebook is Key to Building Your Ministry

There are hundreds of thousands of Christian ministry organizations headquartered in the U.S. If you are running one of them, then Facebook can be an incredibly important tool for successfully carrying out your work. Here are some of the ways that Facebook is vital to any ministry regardless of its size.

Build Your Ministry

Over 46 percent of church planters say that Facebook and other social media platforms are their most effective tool for gaining new members. Many people will learn about your organization when they run across a post that you have made. Others will learn about your ministry by seeing it mentioned in some other type of advertising and instantly turn to Facebook to find out more information.

Build Your Reputation

Facebook is an excellent tool for building your ministry’s reputation. While recommendations have replaced reviews for local businesses and organizations, over 80 percent of people trust these recommendations as much as if a personal friend was recommending your organization. Facebook is an excellent platform to show your audience who you are, what you stand for, and what you can do for them. 

Build Your Audience

Facebook is also a great tool for building your relationship with your audience. They can get to know you as a real people. Facebook can also be a great way to share your opinions to help followers know what you believe on important issues. Additionally, Facebook webinars offer great ways to deepen the understanding of people who might be reluctant to go to a brick-and-mortar church. After you start the relationship in their territory, they will become more comfortable with visiting your location.

Build Your Leadership

Facebook is also a useful way to create groups. After all, you cannot do all the work yourself. The great news about this platform is that you can create groups that are open or closed, so you can make plans with selected groups of your organization without being tied up in countless meetings. The platform also allows you to create events and share them, which can be a simple, non-intrusive way for your followers to invite others who they think would be interested in attending.

There are many different ways that you can use Facebook to build your ministry. One of the best things about it is it does not cost anything to be on Facebook, so you can try it out without blowing your organization’s budget. And of course, with all of the negative influences on social media, it is important that we also be the light in the darkness online too. Facebook can be a great tool to reach others for Jesus and a way to implement the mission and heart of your ministry.

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