3 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Impact

By now, your ministry is probably already on Instagram. The social media is similar to Facebook or Twitter, but right now it’s where the majority of your organization’s social networking happens by sharing photos, videos, or even creating ads to reach beyond your followers. But is your ministry thriving on this social media giant? To help, we’ve created a simple list of three actions you can take to make sure your organization makes an impact on Instagram!

1. Engagement Creates Engagement

Ah, yes, the Golden Rule of social media. Jesus summarized the Law of Moses in one sentence: “do to others what you want them to do to you” (Matthew 7:12). Did you know this plays out on social media? Okay, so maybe Jesus wasn’t referring to how many followers you’ll have on Instagram if you follow this rule of thumb. But, what we have learned is that in order to have an audience on Instagram, you also have to commit to follow and like other posts because engagement creates engagement!

Block out a chunk of time 2-3 times a week and find accounts that are similar to yours (or ones that you find interest in) and take the time to comment, like, respond to that activity on Instagram. You will notice that those accounts and their followers will also begin to engage with your content. 

2. Go Behind the Scenes

People love seeing the seeing things in process! Think about all those cooking shows. We love to see HOW the chef created their masterpiece, not just the finished plate. Same with social media, especially on Instagram because it is a platform made to share images and videos above all else. A great way to engage with behind-the-scene looks is to utilize Instagram stories. This does not have to be fancy in any way or as prepared as your Instagram posts may be. People want to see real people behind the lens. This is the raw, uncut “what was the process like to get to that pic you just posted.” People will appreciate what you are doing if they get a chance to see how you got there. It makes your followers feel like they’re a part of the journey!

3. Market Yourself

Yes, there are times that your posts will need to be about what you offer/sell/need, but don’t make every post a sales pitch! Mix up your content. Create posts that also educate and engage others. Your social media platform and engagement will market itself. People love to hear stories, know why you love what you do, learn about what makes your organization unique…the more authentic you are, the more successful your social media presence will be!

Even if you just started your Instagram account and don’t have a huge following, don’t be discouraged and don’t ever “buy” followers or sign up for scams that promise more followers. Most of those are automated robots that will do nothing for your organization but give you a headache! It takes time to gain a solid following. Consistency and patience are key. You don’t need followers for the sake of followers but rather people who believe in what you are doing and are genuinely interested in what you are offering- this creates an authentic audience that will ultimately become your customers.

How well are you engaging on Instagram? We can help